Customer focus

Service performance to realise customer satisfaction strategies.

Complaints handling

Customer complaints handling and management

Group consensus

Facilitation of groups to achieve accelerated consensus.


Independent review and reporting of internal processes and customer experience. 

Perth business improvement and service delivery transformation for corporate and business.

Service Transformation is a specialist consultancy working with businesses to build a total approach to achieve customer loyalty and value.

We offer services in the following ways:


Face-to-face coaching and knowledge-building.


Delivery of customised training programs to meet the development needs of your customer-facing staff.


Support via email, chat and web.

Resources support

In-house customised programs to build service capacity of processes, people, policies and all supporting resources.

Why you should use our services for better customer retention.

Service Transformation offers assistance and advice regarding:

  • Total Service Review -   against the ÓNine Rules of Service, benchmarking against International Standards, cross-industry best practice, amongst others.
  • Customer Feedback Strategies - using sophisticated and advanced methods for gathering actionable input from your customers and users, and measuring the indicators of satisfaction as service performance indicators (ÓSPIs). Voice of the Customer (VoC) is employed.
  • Skilful Complaints-handling strategies -  using the ISO 10002:2014 International Standard, including independent review of both strategies and specific complaints matters; and,
  • Service Process Improvement - using our unique ÓSPIs (Service Performance Indicators). We can assist you to build your business capacity with service process engineering; and imagineering; supply chain, and customer value-chain mapping; and, other complex systems- and process-interrogatory and analysis methods.